A little info about hearing aids

Incredible miniature technology

All of our hearing aids use a modern digital technology based on over 100 years long research in Danish company Oticon. You can choose from variety of styles beginning with behind-the-ear instruments all the way to miniature in-the-ear hearing aids. One of the features of the most advanced instruments is wireless communication with mobile phone, TV, etc. or so called Brain Hearing a feature that allows the instrument to learn your needs as you use it.

Who should consider wearing a hearing aid?

It is not true, that hearing aid are only for elderly people. Whoever is in doubt of his hearing should look for help. Same as you get glasses when you start having problems reading, you should get help when you experience difficulties with communication. Letting the problem grow and waiting for later can produce more complications when you finally look for help.

What price can I expect?

All of our hearing aids use a sophisticated digital technologies and they are fitted to meet your personal needs using a computer software. Nevertheless we offer instruments starting at CZK 7000 up to the most advanced hearing aids for the most demanding users at a costs around CZK 25 000. After we evaluate you hearing level and your expectations we will present couple of options from which you can choose.

Some myths about hearing aids

Hearing aid is a symbol of old age. I show my handicap by wearing a hearing aid.

This is definitely an individual feeling. Our hearing aid can be made in truly miniature design so that they are barely visible in you canal or you can choose a piece with attractive design and colour. Most of the hearing aids can be wirelessly connected with cell phone, TV, Ipods, etc. So today a hearing aid is rather a tool of modern and actively living person despite the fact that you are 20, 40 or 80 years old.

It is better to wait until my hearing is too bad to hear anything before I get a hearing aid.

This is a very common error. If we decide to wait than we risk losing our sound memories. When we finally look for help and get a hearing aid we will have to learn many sounds again. This process can be lengthy and uncomfortable. Also we are making live less pleasant both to our self and our loved ones by not being able to communicate properly.

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