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Our mission is your better hearing.

Oticon trademark represents continuous development of hearing aids since 1904 and a number of breaking inventions of hi-tech technologies. Extensive research in a fields of electronics, miniaturization and also human brain biology lets us create hearing aids that fit your individual needs with their style and characteristics. A modern hearing aid is not only amplifying sound, but helps you live an active life again.

What to expect on your journey to a better hearing?

Your hearing will be evaluated using medical instruments. Based on the results and your personal needs, we will choose a hearing aid with the right power-price ratio.

If you choose an individual in-the-ear hearing aid, we will make a print of your ears, using a special elastic material and dispenser. You can start using the behind-the-ear instruments right away after your first visit. In-the-ear instruments have to be made individually in our own lab where we use 3D printing besides other technologies and the production time is approximately 2-3 weeks.

Try which hearing aid fits you the best

Try a hearing aid

Go to the link on the right side choose a character that looks the most like you and choose a hearing aid. Try different styles and colors. You can rotate the head using your mouse. The virtual fitting room requires Adobe Flash.

What is wrong?

​Hearing is one of our five senses and is the most important for our communication. Same as vision it deteriorates with age. Infectious diseases and frequent exposure to loud noise also have a negative effect on our hearing.

Why should I care?

A life with an uncured hearing loss can be often very complicated. Often the most affected person is not the one with hearing loss himself, but the ones around him, his family, friends, etc. (you can always turn up the TV volume), but communication difficulties are mostly very annoying.

What can I do?

Same as you can correct your vision with glasses, you can fix your hearing loss with hearing aids.

If you decide to wait until your problem is more profound, you risk that your brain will get “use to the silence”, and this could make you feel uncomfortable when returning back to normal life. If you have any doubts about your hearing, feel free to call us and schedule yourself for a hearing test fully free of charge.

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